Depleted Uranium


“It doesn’t take that much for voters in various areas of the country to summon the candidates for their own debates. Less than 1 percent. We calculated in 2012 that if we had about 10,000 people in 20 areas of the country mobilizing to demand that the candidates go to their communities, that would be pretty decisive.” – Ralph Nader

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(155 UN Nations to ban DU weapons, less than 200 Nations on planet)
Opinion: Why the Depleted Uranium Debate Is a Capstone Matter:

‘American use of DU is “A crime against humanity which may, in the eyes of historians, rank with the worst atrocities of all time.” US Iraq Military Vets “are on DU death row, waiting to die.”‘ –

After the United States bombed Japan with the Atomic and Hydrogen bomb, it not only killed many people, it created a highly painful and torturous affect that melted off people’s skin and left behind a legacy of disrupting people’s genome, causing mutations that still occur to this day…In our classrooms across America, we point out this incident and ask our students if they believe it was justified. Even former Defense Secretary Robert McNamera said if we would have lost WWII we would have been tried as war criminals. So why aren’t we just as concerned when we hear reports that Fallujah, Iraq may exceed Hiroshima and Nagasaki birth defects and cancers? Why isn’t this headline news? New York Time’s “most important intellectual alive today,” Noam Chomsky, has said this story should outweigh reporting on Wikileaks (another very important issue that has found many very significant things, all of course under reported).
We learn about this single event in Japan, may not even mention the remnants it has today and refuse to delve into the full-spectrum array of this issue of uranium and chemical weapons that appear to be genotoxic. Some key subjects relating to this are the following: Atomic Veterans, Plutonium Files, Agent Orange, White Phosphorus, Gulf War Syndrome, Balkans Syndrome, Burning Semen Syndrome, Radiation Poisoning of the Navajo, Project Plum Bob, exploding a nuke in our ozone, exploding nukes underground in oceans.
Combined with potential risks that are found in our foods (including GMOs, which has caused sterility in third generation hamsters)(54)(55) and toiletries and radiation from cellphones, etc. could there be a straw that breaks the camel’s back – that being our single, shared human gene pool.

[The US has exploded over 1000 nuclear bombs(51), many underground and in the ocean, together the world has exploded over 2000 nuclear bombs(52). Several nuclear satellites like SNAP-9-A have burned up in our atmosphere spreading things like plutonium over the entire globe for everyone to breathe in and pass along in their DNA. Dr. John Gofman believes many cancers today are due to this single incident(53). This delves into the weaponization of space, perhaps the second greatest threat to humanity aside from global warming (NASA says we’re dead at 350 ppm carbon emissions and we just reached 400 ppm) please watch the link by source #53 (“Arsenal ofHypocrisy” by Bruce Gagnon) or check out “Pax Americana and theWeaponization of Space” with guest appearance by Martin Sheen.]
“Everything today causes cancer”

This saying is precisely why you want to weed out as much as carcinogenic products in your life as you can. If you’re caring a load of bricks on your back and are afraid it may cause you to collapse, why would you be so ready to throw more on?
Below is a glimpse at the depleted uranium issue, keeping in mind USG PSYOPS, disinformation and slip ups that have caused the loss of essential documentation. (During the MK Ultra experiments and during the COINTELPRO era the most egregious tactics and actions were not recorded to paper. During the Iran Contra Affair many documents were destroyed, as were many video tapes the CIA had after Bush allowed “enhanced interrogation techniques” the very term Adolf Hitler used in Germany.)


The United States military and NATO forces are currently using munitions made of a dense, brittle metal known as depleted uranium, it works incredibly well for piercing armor (18 other nations also have it in their arsenal, most were sold DU by the US)(1). It is a byproduct of natural, yet radioactive, mined uranium used for creating nuclear power and weapons. However, when used it fragments into particles the size of 0.5 microns, sometimes even smaller than 0.01 microns(2,3). The dust can spread 400 meters (over 3.5 football fields from end zone to end zone, or almost 0.5 miles) from the site immediately after an impact(1). The aerosol is so small that when inhaled it permeates through the alveoli sacs in the lungs, which then goes into the blood, bones, liver,kidneys, lymph nodes, other organs(16) and can even be found in the semen (which can burn on contact)(17). (Also, particles were found in tested rat brains)(18). The dust gets into the blood cells and is even so small that it goes into people’s DNA(3,5), most likely causing horrible cancers(5), aberrations and birth defects(6)(7’). It’s half-life is 4.5 billion years, about the age of our solar system(22). Many news organizations, as well, have reported DU use may be a suspect in the rare birth defects and cancers that seem to be coming up in areas where it’s used. Even FOX News reported an oncologist saying the types of cancers are clear indication of radiation (19). CNN has reported that, “the chief prosecutor for the International War Crimes Tribunal said NATO’s use of depleted uranium could be investigated as a possible war crime.”(20). BBC reported that “Iraqi officials are anxious not to embarrass Americans over the issue” and that “Fallujah officials have warned women that they should not have children” anymore(21). . .

The Pentagon claims DU is virtually harmless and that it doesn’t contaminate the environment, yet the primary, soldier’s common tasks Army manual reads, “NOTE: Contamination will make food and water unsafe for consumption.”(4). Former Senator of Wisconsin, Russ Feingold, has pointed out their contradictions as well(5’). There is a book titled “Metal of Dishonor” which stemmed out of a meeting at the United Nations Church Center in New York in 1996. It was written by hundreds of people, including scientists, medical and legal experts and political analysts. On pages 205-9 there is a list of some excerpts from US government documents saying things like, “if DU enters the body, it has the potential to generate significant medical consequences” and “since DU weapons are openly available on the world arms market, DU weapons will be used in future conflicts.” They follow up with how the Pentagon, despite their findings believe it is unlikely that DU use is the cause of reported aliments by Gulf War veterans.

About 115 American veterans were hit with these munitions, by friendly fire, in Operation Desert Storm/Persian Gulf War(7), where the military admits we used about 320 tons of it (8), other sources say as much as 800 tons (9). Over half of the 580,000 Gulf War veterans are now disabled—and 10,000 to 13,000 are dead( In Operation Enduring Freedom (initially, “Operation Infinite Justice”) there were 800 tons to perhaps even 1,400 tons used(9)(11). In Operation Iraqi Freedom (now, “Operation New Dawn”)(NOTE1) somewhere around 2,000 tons(12)(13)(14) were used, in just it’s early stages of the war. Not including the Balkans, six times the amount of uranium weapons have been used in these post 9/11/01 wars since the Gulf War and more so in populated areas. “This still radioactive battlefield – and the severe health problems many Iraqis and some US Gulf War veterans ascribe to it – may also be an omen of an unsettled future.” (Christian Science Monitor, 2002)(15).

“We say the war is finished, but what will the future bring?” – Iraqi doctor, Faiz Askar(22)

Iraqi hospital’s birth defects and cancers have increased sharply since the war. One example is the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, a leading medical journal, who published a study, ‘Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex-Ratio in Fallujah, Iraq 2005–2009’ which says Fallujah’s increase in infant mortality, leukemia, and cancers exceeds those reported by survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There was a 38-fold increase in leukemia in Fallujah compared to a 17-fold increase in Hiroshima. The findings and ills are similar to those of radiation exposure it reports(23)(26). Also, important to note is that in “Operation Phantom Fury” (waged on Fallujah, led by the US) troops deployed white phosphorus(27). The remains of the “City of Mosques” were plowed into the river from which people drink(21).

NPR has reported that over 500 Iraqi vets are now getting sick, due to incinerators used in Afghanistan and Iraq(24). With any war comes a lot of pollution. There is a USA Today article that mentions some of the toxins in the air on the battlefield. They reported cardiovascular disease and respiratory issues are up in veterans 30% and 32%, respectively. They mention a list of metals that can be found within their bodies, but they don’t mention depleted uranium in the article until a veteran brought up the issue(29). It is claimed by the Pentagon that the symptoms Gulf War veterans had could have been due to the Sarin Gas and other chemical and biological weapons that Saddam did have. However, what’s needed to be noted, and often times isn’t, is that US companies sold Saddam many of the agents and facilities to produce them (28). So, whether it’s Saddam’s chemicals, DU use, white phosphorus or other war time pollutants that has contributed to aliments within the Iraqi population, it has to be noted that whatever the cause is, the US is at least in part to blame. You can’t give an assassin a gun, tell him who to kill, and then not take responsibility for the action. This is in affect what the US has done when they backed Saddam Husain, who’s been evoked as a “Hitler”.

There has been 148 states that have called for transparency over depleted uranium use in a UN vote(30). There have been huge landslide votes in the UN and European Parliament (136 to 5 & 491 to 18, respectively) to stop using it(6). The UN Environmental Program identified 311 polluted sites in Iraq. Cleaning them up will take at least $40 million and several years. Nothing can start until he fighting stops(31)(32). Uranium mining in the US has affected certain Native Americans, like the Navajo, as well. In 1979 “93 million gallons of radioactive material spilled into an arroyo and from there into a river, the Rio Puerco that makes the southern boundary of Navajo…it was the largest accidental release of radioactive material in U.S. history.” The Navajo were coerced into working the mines and ended up building their homes out of radioactive material as well (33).


Why isn’t this a bigger issue in our media?

Like the tobacco industry, the depleted uranium lobby, will lie and twist the facts with all it believes it can get away with. Finally, this year, formaldehyde was added to a list of carcinogens, despite years of lobbying for its use by the chemical industry (34). It wasn’t until 1996 that the US government finally apologized to veterans who suffered from the dioxins in Agent Orange(35). It seems it’s very possibly, if not most likely, a similar trend is occurring with the depleted uranium debate. As Dr. Souad N. Al-Azzawi wrote in a paper found on Harvard’s webpage, “the assassination of 250 Iraqi scientists after Iraq’s invasion by occupation militias is the best way not to continue any kind of research including DU-related research in occupied Iraq”(36)(37). As Project Censored reported, “She was threatened in anonymous phone calls on the eve of her testimony to congress. Subsequently,her car, which contained sensitive information on DU, was mysteriously destroyed”(25). In the documentary “Poison Dust” there is a lady who says when people try and talk about the depleted uranium subject an agent stands up and accuses you of working for Saddam. Indeed, the Pentagon claims that Saddam created the hype over DU as a propaganda campaign. Dr. Douglas Rokke claims that e-mails won’t be sent or are late pertaining to DU relating things.

Governments keep sensitive information in their place (38)(46). What people fail to realize is that our country does this too. The FBI harassed Martin Luther King, Jr. and even sent him a letter appearing to get him to commit suicide (39) (a Memphis court trial found agencies within the US government even helped to assassinate MLK)(NY Times). About 30 of what the FBI called “black messiahs” were killed by COINTELPRO operations directed against the Black Panthers in just three years(40). Over 400 American Indian Movement casualties, including 64 deaths, occurred on Pine Ridge in a period of three years during this period as well(41). Deliberately false information has been given to news organizations(42). The CIA even admitted to such actions during the Church Committee Hearings back in the mid 1970s. The irrefutable proof can be found on the Library of Congress’s webpage and parts of the testimonies are also archived on the FBI’s own webpage. The toppling of the Saddam statue, the military now admits was a PSYOPS (a Psychological Operation meant to look like Iraqis spontaneously rejoiced at Saddam’s ousting was a fake, directed by and paid for by a US PSYOPS division)(43). It was reported that the Lincoln group was putting out hundreds of disinformation new stories into Iraqi papers that were pro US-led invasion. Sites appearing to be official government sites in Africa were found to be run by the Pentagon(44).

The DoD are not a credible source. You cannot bare your testimony on their reporting. They have a bias to do what’s good for the arms industry and on that all the laws hang. Lobbyists from the Pentagon and from different think tanks and corporations influence and probably give disinformation to corporate media directed by what’s important to Wall Street and Washington. The book “Deadly Deceits” by Ralph McGehee, a 25 year veteran of the CIA, has a chapter about how the CIA would spend weeks crafting perfect messages to pitch to Congress that were filled with lies and half truths, that they would eat “hook, line and sinker” as he writes.  Until the American people wake up to the irrefutable fact that we are lied to, that there is some heavy manipulating going on in our media, we won’t be able to direct from the status quo(48). Wikileaks found that in Al Jazeera, of all places, a top news director was holding meetings with the US who got him to withhold certain images(45). NATO has been “infiltrated” and perhaps “neutralized” as well, a mole was put in the office of the alliance’s secretary general(47). How many news sources have been under surveillance, infiltrated and neutralized? “Full-spectrum dominance”of “information” is a goal of the Pentagon’s(49)(50).

“Rev. JESSE JACKSON (associate of Martin Luther King): When you have this feeling that the government really is watching you, you know, taps your telephone, maybe in your text files, it has a chilling effect. It takes away your freedom. And often for leaders, none of us are perfect, it neutralizes people.” – NPR


This depleted uranium issue matters because:

Imagine giving birth to a baby with cracked bleeding skin, inside out (red) eyes, and no lips. Or a baby with no head or no heart. Or a baby with one eye in the middle of it’s head. Or one with it’s organs on it’s outside, or one that’s simply a pile of carnage… Imagine giving birth to such a baby or having to look at such severe mutations and accept having such a child. You then know this happened, with virtually zero doubt because of the US/NATO toxic invasion or some US/UN Saddam sanction. The war on terror, is a war of terror, that has created far more enemies and that has recruited and inspired Al Qaida like groups far more than it has diminished. Al Qaida attacks sky rocketed after the Iraq invasion. There are legitimate grievances of Muslim majority Nations that must be addressed. The truth must see the light.

Years later we see commanders and generals being brought to justice for their roles in torture and massacres in South America, all of which were supported and created by agencies like the CIA and other Western Powers. Most often these monsters are graduates of the School of Americas, whom renamed themselves WHINSEC once they were exposed on National Television, briefly and then forgotten, by people who spearheaded the effort like Father Roy Bourgeois.


“This business of burning human beings with napalm [is not just].” – Rev. & Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Because the Bible is right, you will reap what you sow.” – MLK

“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today–my own government.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


“So when you hear powerful, moving stories of the people who have been victimized by the nuclear fuel cycle, when you realize that we now”shoot” nuclear waste into other peoples’ backyards, you realize thatthis story is obscene. We’re talking about laying the groundwork for perhaps awar of crimes, a war crimes investigation to crimes against ordinary people.And this is a message that has to go out. And yet, where do we see the nationalmedia here? I don’t see network news. I don’t see Channel 2 or Channel 4[covering this story about crimes against humanity and the movement to stopit]. I don’t see the big media today. It just goes to show you that “therevolution is not going to be televised.” And it just goes to show youthat we have “freedom of the press” if you happen to own one.”
-Michio Kaku

Do we need more DU protesting? (“The average American has notheard of depleted uranium” (Project Censored)(25))
(Dr. Kaku is a physicist and is like an “Einstein”. His theory isn’t asaccepted yet, but like how Einstein created the theory of relativity whichdemonstrated that the laws of physics on Earth and the laws of physics in outerspace both operate under the same law, Kaku has come up with an equation(elaborated on String, or M, Theory) that connects the laws of the heavens andEarth to that of the sub atomic level.)
As an anchor on Fox News said to Dr. Kaku, when talking about a solar flarestorm that may erupt in the near future, “coming from you, you add a lot ofcredibility to it.”

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NOTE1: (“Iraqi Freedom” hasbeen proven hypocritical since the dawn of Wikileak’s release of the Frago 242orders, which proved US troops were to ignore torture by Iraqi police forcesdone onto Iraqis in custody. President Bush, Jr. said the people of Iraq wouldno longer have to suffer under Saddam’s torturous regime, yet now the US ledregime is allowed to do so. The findings of the abuse were not petty either.)
11: (a thread)
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36: http://www.physics.harvard​.edu/~wilson/soundscience/​Al-Azzawi.pdf
53: (“Arsenalof Hypocricy”


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  1. WHO suppressed evidence on effects of depleted uranium, expert says

    • The UK secretary of state for international development, Hilary Benn, has called for cluster bombs to be banned, after a report from the charity Handicap International found that 98% of 10 861 confirmed victims of these weapons were civilians. The total number killed and injured by cluster bombs around the world could be as high as 100 000, the report said.

    Go to:


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